Xerxes – Foiled again! Prequel to 300 on its way

Frank Miller, creator of the blockbuster film 300 as well as its critically acclaimed graphic novel, announced to the Los Angeles Times this week that he is working on a prequel script. The prequel, titled Xerxes, will take place 10 years prior to the events in the last film. Zack Snyder, the director of 300, has shown interest in the next installment.

xerxesMiller has had some research trips to Greece to try to decipher exactly where the truth ends and the fiction begins about Xerxes.  Obviously this blurring subtext makes the story quite compelling.

Xerxes the Great was seen in the film 300 as the great conquerer of nations. I really didn’t care for the depiction in the film or the book, a little to over the top for my history loving side to enjoy. But the first film was quite spectacular on the big screen and I am sure this one will fill the coffers in Hollywood as well. The first movie made almost $500 million world-wide.

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