Wikileaks=Tired, #wookieleaks=WIRED!

Yes, we have all been inundated by the wikileaks news and how as a nation we will surely suffer. But what about the Empire?

Time to do a search on twitter for the hash tag #wookieleaks and hear all the news being dispensed by and about the Empire!

mola844: sources claim ‘stormtrooper armor literally provides zero protection blasters’ #wookieleaks

cl_movies: Supreme Allied Commander Vader allowed renowned terrorist Luke Skywalker to escape during enhanced interrogation. #wookieleaks

Paramaxas: #wookieleaks documents prove that the death star was a controlled demolition, justifying the empire to go to Hoth.

tcarmody: Despite billions invested on construction of an untested defense system, the new Death Star may not yet be fully operational. #wookieleaks

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