What If?… Star Trek: Next Gen and its potential cast

Thanks for Slice of Sci-fi for finding this gem in the trash.

Here is the 1987 casting memo from Paramount pictures on potential acting talent for their new show Star Trek: The Next Generation. Of course, I have gone ahead and cast the show based on who I thought would have been a good alternative and paired photos from around 1987. We know they were cast correctly in the end!

Jean-Luc Picard
(Patrick Bauchau, seen here in a View to a Kill)

Tasha Yar
(Bunty Bailey, the Ah-Ha video girl)
(Mark Lindsay Chapman, seen here in Falcon Crest)
 Commander Riker
(Ben Murphy, seen here in the Dirty Dozen TV show)
 Geordi La Forge
(Wesley Snipes, seen here in Major League)

Beverly Crusher
(Jenny Agutter, my boyhood crush from Logans Run)
  Wesley Crusher
(J.D. Roth, seen here in Charles in Charge)


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