What a Cop Out! Where did my Dicks go!?

Ahh the fun you can have with verbage…Squinters

Anyway, it turns out that a film I was looking forward to seeing, A Couple of Dicks has changed its title on me. And no, this is not gay porn, but the new Kevin Smith film coming out in 2010. The new title is Cop Out!

Staring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as a rather odd couple of police detectives. There ya go, that is why the original title was Dicks…another word for Detective obviously…get your mind outta the gutter!

According to Kevin Smith, the studio started farming around for a new title when several of the networks refused to air advertisements due to the title. Obviously there is no sense of humor left in corporate America. Warner Brothers will air the first trailer for this film before Sherlock Holmes, releasing on Christmas Day.

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