Washington, DC’s CSTS Event to feature Whedonverse Costume Contests!


At the 2013 Can’t Stop the Serenity event in Washington, DC they will be holding a fabulous costume contest at each day of their events. This year instead of the traditional Firefly/Serenity costumes they are changing things up a bit to include more of Joss Whedons Universe.

There will be 2 costume winners each day.

1 Costume Winner from the Firefly/Serenity universe
1 Costume Winner from any of the other properties that Joss created, such as Buffy, Angel, Dr. Horrible or Dollhouse.

We are getting the prizes together now and they should be great~!

Also this year the votes for best costume will be based on ‘Crowd Response’ (clapping, stomping, etc). So bring lots of your friends!

Tickets are still available but running out fast, get them now!

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