Veti-Gel Seems Like Something out of Star Trek

Every day the technology found in Star Trek seems to be merging more and more with real life.

Remember the Dermal Regenerator from Star Trek: TNG? It was used to heal minor skin wounds, such as cuts and burns. Well a NYU student has now come up with a gel that will stop bleeding from wounds almost instantly.

Veti-Gel, the name chosen by NYU student Joe Landolina uses plant polymers to rapidly solidify when applied to open wounds, and by a bizarre coincidence was initially being developed under the name Medi-Gel, the name of a fictional healing gel from the Mass Effect video game series with almost identical properties.

It kind of looks like applying caulking to a wound, but the science behind it is pretty cool.

“In all of our tests we found we were able to immediately stop bleeding,” says Landolina. “Your skin has this thing called the extracellular matrix,” he explains. “It’s kind of a mesh of molecules and sugars and protein that holds your cells in place.”

Landolina synthesises his own extracellular matrix (ECM) using plant polymers, which can form a liquid when broken up into pieces. He says, “So it goes into the wound and the pieces of the synthetic ECM in the gel will recognise the pieces of the real ECM in the wound and they’ll link together. It will re-assemble into something that looks like, feels like and acts like skin.”

Here is a video showing how it works, if you have an issue with blood I would not recommend watching it.

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via: Humans Invent

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