V? Quite Possibly a ‘Hell YES!’

I’m really looking forward to the premier of V tonight, and it’s not just because of how great I think Morena Baccarin is.  I have fond memories of the original V mini series, which originally ran in 1983.  It was a 2 parter, and was seriously fucking awesome.  I was 8 at the time, and when the major plot twist happened  I remember thinking “HOLY SHIT!!  DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN??”.  Yes, I had the mouth of a sailor even back then.  I will say that I remember the original mini series being fucking incredible, and the TV series started strong, with the insurgency and all, but I don’t seem to remember it continuing strong.  Then again, I was like 9 (when the TV series ran).

From everything I’ve seen, this new series isn’t a reboot, but a remake.  Updated technology, updated cultural references, updated hotties.  The new series is already garnering critical acclaim based on a prescreening of the pilot episode, but that doesn’t really mean jack shit.  I’m just wondering how ABC is going to fuck this one up.  There’s already been talk that production has been halted, supposedly due to the Olympics, which while they do occur in Vancouver, I haven’t heard of any other shows fully and completely halting production.  The other rumors I’ve heard (and that I’ll spread like butter on a hookers ass) is that ABC plans to air the 4 completed episodes, then wait for feedback.  If the feedback is positive they will resume production… Maybe. If they resume production it would probably be sometime in the middle of next year.  Thanks a lot ABC.  Now go eat a dick.

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