Totoro Sleeping Bag

Spend the day relaxing with a lovable woodland creature the next time you plop down on the Totoro sleeping bag. Styled to look like a giant Totoro, this over sized cushion makes the ideal spot for a reading nook or taking a light nap. 

From the Amazon listing:

  • There is a Totoro Design bed! one or Double Totoro bed.Your children must love it.
  • Somebody has made a My Neighbor Totoro bed, and for once the adorable cartoon coziness is not just for children. The cuddly, fuzzy, full-sized Totoro cushion bed is actually sized to accommodate two adults. Sure, many grown-ups would think twice about adopting this particular new friend, but it certainly has a leg up on most futons.
  • Cute Giant Totoro cushion bed looks very cute. Its fulfilled with high quality 100% PP cotton and its 100% green product.
  • size:2.3m x 1.75m

One thought on “Totoro Sleeping Bag

  1. Amy Bailey
    August 5, 2014 at 11:13 AM

    OH! Totoro comforter cover!! With a pillow head!

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