The People vs. George Lucas (trailer)

Here’s the trailer for the new movie “The People vs. George Lucas”, a story based on Mr. Lucas’ affinity for going back and changing what many people (myself included) consider to be a near masterpiece.  We’ve ranted more than once on the podcast about directors revisiting their moveis 20 years later to “make the movie closer to the intended vision” or some such bullcrap. It’s one thing to go back and lightly touch up the effects so they are cleaner. It’s a whole other thing to go back and add scenes and CHANGE scenes (HAN SHOT FIRST, DAMMIT). This movie looks like it’ll be a funny glimpse into that debate.

The movie was just picked to play at the South by Southwest Movie Festival (SXSW) sometime between March 12th and March 20th.  I’m hoping it gets a wider release than just the film festival circuit. I’m sure the creators are too. It sounds like the’ve put in a lot of work. “2 and 1/2 years…63,686 frequent flyer miles… 634 hours of footage…14 TB of drive space… 126 interviews… 719 fan submissions…” Sounds intense. Keep an eye on SXSW’s movie site (pops) for more info. The official site (pops) for the movie is a good source of information too.

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