Star Trek Into Darkness – SciFi Outpost Review


As a life long Star Trek fan, growing up watching reruns of the original series in the 70’s with my parents and integrating into the Next Generation universe as an adult, I was skeptical when the new JJ Abrams version was announced.

The first JJ Abrams Star Trek film I was quite happy with. It was obviously directed at not only we Trekkers but also to people who were action film fans but not into the Star Trek vibe. Lens flares aside, it is a film that I can enjoy watching multiple times.

My first real taste of the sequel came back in December on the opening night of The Hobbit. The first 9 minutes of Into Darkness combined everything you want in an opening sequence, action, humor, familiar faces, mystery men and great effects. Frankly I was sold and couldn’t wait for opening night.

Fast forward to last night, myself and 38 other members of the SciFi Oupost journeyed to the wilds of Tysons Corner in north Virginia to take in the Fan Sneak IMAX 3D screening. I wasn’t able to quiz everyone afterward due to prior commitments, but hopefully they will chime in with comments below.

Scored a limited edition print at the fan screening.

Scored a limited edition print at the fan screening.

The film is a solid Star Trek movie. Plenty of what we were expecting: Kirk being his usual impetuous and flirty self, Spock towing the line and providing grounding, McCoy providing the “I’m a Doctor not a …” lines. And for these reasons it is a definite must see for all the Trek fans.

But I am fairly convinced that it will not be a summer blockbuster. One of the reasons come down to simple because it is a mystery at heart. Plenty of plot twists and character reveals that are great in a single viewing. But unlike most blockbusters, it does not command the repeatability that the box office needs to make the big money.

Also some of the acting, particularly Peter Weller who comes through overly melodramatic in some scenes. And several other characters were woefully underused. Maybe that’s just me wanting to see more McCoy, Scotty and Carol Marcus.

There was great homage to the past Star Trek storylines (and name dropping), which was nicely done. But I would love to see more original content instead of using people and places that we have already seen. Abrams has a very creative eye and mind, there is no reason why we can’t see a more unique Star Trek universe. Although eventually we will have to deal with Vger and bringing whales back to the planet. I mean, someone has to save them!

I give this 3 and a 1/2 stars out of 5. It is a must see for the Trek fan and anyone that likes scifi films. Everyone else, if you enjoyed the trailer you should enjoy the movie. See it soon and often!


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