“Stan Lee’s Superhumans” coming to the History Channel

Are you a mutant? And no, I am not talking about the type that wears costumes and beats up criminals…nor do I mean the type you see in the movie The Hills Have Eyes. What I am talking about is the everyday person on the street that can do something a little ‘different’ or ‘better’.


From the HollywoodReporter:

As part of a slate of new shows, the “X-Men” creator will co-host “Stan Lee’s Superhumans,” which will find people who have remarkable abilities because of being genetically different. Daniel Browning Smith, dubbed the world’s most flexible man, will host the series with Lee.

“Superhumans” will debut on the network during the third quarter and is joined by five other series and a slew of specials being greenlighted in time for the network’s upfront presentation to advertisers this week.

This may be interesting….it may also be crap. Stan has had some quality products in the past, but most of them have been in the FAR past. I wish him the best of course, he is the Man after all!

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