Shot in Virginia: Talos the Movie

Living in Virginia I try to keep up with things going on in the state. So when I heard that a sword and sorcery had been shot here I just had to check it out.

Okay, you should check out the trailer for Talos the Movie. Really its a low budget amateur looking film, but I have to say that it could probably hold up against most Syfy channel Saturday night special movies. It does have one thing that a lot of professional films do not…lots and lots of highly skilled martial artists.

The movie’s storyline is about a King named Talos who is suffering from apparent depression at the loss of his family. He also has a bit of post traumatic stress from the wars in which he lost his family, and he has a terrifying enemy who, though dead, does not seem to be inclined to stay in his grave. His ghostly images haunt Talos troubled sleep and turns his dreams to nightmares.

The star (also writer, choreographer, film editor and stunt guy) is Eddie Thomas who is a 9th degree black belt in Shotokan Karate as well as black belts in several other styles. And all the actors are martial artists with several holding black belts.

Now before you start complaining about sword and sorcery films with ninjas, just shut up and enjoy the movie. And if you are from Virginia you will probably recognize several local landmarks, including Dixie Caverns and the always popular Foamhenge.

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