San Diego Comic Con to add Parade

Comic-Con International San Diego Logo

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Tony Young, San Diego City Council President, has announced that that San Diego will start having a downtown parade to coincide with Comic Con. Apparently Tony is a bit of a sci-fi/comic geek (after our own hearts) and thought this would be a great add on to the show.

This is of course a ploy to get additional hotel nights/meals out of attendies by putting the San Diego Comic Con parade on Wednesday. A good idea and certainly a way for the locals who can’t/won’t go to the convention at least get to share in the geekdom a little bit.

I have been attending DragonCon out of Atlanta for almost 10 years now and one of the things that drew me to this convention was the fact that they have a parade. And I do so love a parade! I seriously doubt that San Diegos parade will ever be as good as DragonCon’s, just because it will be yet another corporate tool. True that it may have nicer floats and maybe even big balloon versions of comic characters, but it won’t have the heart and soul that the fans bring to the DragonCon parade.

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