Riverworld Swimming Your Way in April

As a fan of the Philip Jose Farmer book series Riverworld I am pretty stoked about the upcoming mini-series on Syfy. The four-hour event will be broadcast over two nights, April 18th and 19th and will showcase Tahmoh Penikett (Dollhouse) and Laura Vandervoort (V).

For those not familiar with the Riverworld book series, the story takes place on an Earth like planet where humans are resurected after some catastrophy on Earth. The planetĀ is essentially one long river valley with the river starting at the polar north. Everyone resurected here are all approximately 25 years of age and in perfect health. They also encompass the whole of humanity, so there are people from the 20th century intermingling with people from 2500 BC.

The story line is vast and could easily be spun off into a regular series if Syfy gets good ratings. Here’s hoping they do!

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