Review ~ UnderCovers (NBC Fall premiere)

Tonight there was a special screening in DC of two new NBC fall shows, this is the first of two reviews.

UnderCovers is a new Romantic/Drama/Comedy/Action series from JJ Abrams for NBC. It’s the story of two CIA agents who retired when they decided to get married and settle down. They are pulled back into the spy game to help an old friend who is in a bind (literally).

The couple are played by Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw (WOW, say those names fast!). They are the Blooms and currently run a catering business together. Which seems like a big step down on the excitement ladder from being super secret agent spies. But maybe I just don’t understand the catering business that well.

When the Blooms married they promised each other that they would continue to keep state secrets and never talk about their spy pasts. And since they had not worked together before meeting and falling in love, this obviously opens up for humorous moments as things are revealed throughout the episode.

They are recruited back to the CIA by Gerald McRaney (Major Dad or from my youth, Simon and Simon). He is pretty spot on for his role as the crotchety older spy that has to put up with these ‘celebrity’ spies. And the person they are rescuing is played by Carter MacIntyre who I feel we will see again in the series.

The event I went to was hosted by NBC and had their VP in charge of Diversity there speaking on the fact that this was the first drama starring black actors in the primary roles. I am guessing this is true as I can only conjure up comedies in my memory, but I hasten to use the word ‘Drama’.

The premiere episode was good and enjoyable, but a little to cartoony for my taste. This is an odd statement coming from a comic book guy, but I will try to make myself clear.

A drama has to balance a suspension of disbelief with the probable. Unfortunately everything that happened here was very clean and easy. In one scene the couple are running after almost getting caught sneaking around in a bank. When they are running, both are grinning like they just stole a candy bar from the convenience store and are giggling like kids about it.

Anything they want they get…need to parachute someplace in an hour, heres a military transport ready to go and your suit fitted and ready. Oh, and as for their friend being tortured…yeah, he is more laughing/smiling about it than you would expect from a guy about to die.

It just felt cartoony to me. Perhaps that is what they are shooting for, but if thats the case, don’t push it as a drama. It’s a Fantasy/Action show.

I rate it at a 2.5 Beers out of 5. I will watch the first 3 episodes and hope they hook me with more than just Gugu in lingerie (which was DANG nice).

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