Review ~ The Event (NBC Fall premiere)

Tonight there was a special screening in DC of two new NBC fall shows, this is the second of two reviews.

The Event has been hyped for several months now, with very little to go on what will happen or what the show is about. From the commercials I learned that there was some big dark secret that the President doesn’t know about but his inner circle does. And that there is some kinda big accident or something in the first episode.

Well, now that I have seen the first episode I can truthfully say that I am more confused about the show than I was a month ago. In fact, I could swear it was a JJ Abrams show but that was the Action show UnderCovers that I just sat through.

Okay, I am not going to spoil anything by revealing secrets here…everyone deserves to be blessed punished with half information just like I was. But what you have here is 3 different stories, all being told in backward order to all tie up at the end of the episode in a cliffhanger that is more reserved for an end of season episode. Even people who watch it and don’t like it, will probably tune in for the second episode just to see what happens next.

We have the president, Elias Martinez, played well by Blair Underwood. The character is of African-Cuban decent, so don’t be to surprised by the last name of Martinez. They establish his character as a charismatic trusting optimistic President very quickly. Sound familiar?

There is Sean Walker, played by Jason Ritter, the young man in love. Does he have a mysterious past? Is he a bad guy in disguise? Well your guess is as good as mine after only one episode.

Scott Patterson, played by Michael Buchanan (so happy to see him back on the screen since Gilmore Girls) is the worried father. Sean is off with his eldest daughter on a cruise, I am sure everything is fine. And what of his mental state? After all, what would a man be driven to do to protect his family?

And Dr. Sophia Maguire, played by Laura Innes (is she getting typecast as a doctor, or just her natural ability to speak technobabble) is one of the early mysteries that we get in our lap. Good guy or bad guy? Seems that everyone has their opinion on the matter and it’s really tough to tell.

OH, and what about ‘The Event’? Well we get a peek of it in episode one, and if this is anything like that series that just ended with questions inside of questions, I am sure we will find out the truth around Season 6.

I give it a 3 Beers out of 5. This one will definitely need to keep the time jumps to a minimum or it will lose its audience. To many in the theater were frustrated every time the screen said “3 weeks earlier” or “11 months earlier”. Some people can only think linearly after all.

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