Review of the movie “Super”, starring Rainn Wilson

Johnny and I attended the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle over the weekend, and we were lucky enough to catch a sneak preview of the upcoming movie “Super”, starring Rainn Wilson (who you may recognize as Dwight from the NBC show The Office). The basic plot involves Frank, a slightly depressed short order cook whose two “perfect moments” in his life involved pointing out where a mugger ran to a police officer and his wedding day. When his wife leaves him he thinks she has been kidnapped. He decides (with the help of a costumed Nathan Fillion) to become a super hero in order to save her.

I’ll be blunt; this movie is pretty graphically violent. I didn’t go into the film thinking it would be. Graphic violence doesn’t bother me too much, and honestly it’s far less violent and bloody than Kick Ass or Kill Bill. None the less, there are a few cringy moments. He uses a pipe wrench as his weapon of choice for goodness sake!

Despite prominent roles for Rainn Wilson, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon, and Ellen Page, this was a low budget film. While that showed in the production quality (mostly shot with one or two hand held cameras), it seemed to fit right in with the feel of the movie as a whole. The editing was lackluster at times, letting scenes linger too long, but those times were far and few between. For the most part the film flows well.

What really makes this film great is the story and the performances handed in by Wilson and Page. It felt believable, even though we’re talking about a guy running around in a costume whacking people upside the head with a pipe wrench. Who hasn’t felt like doing that?!? (On a side note, I learned that there is a guy in Seattle who puts on a costume and fights crime. Pretty fucking awesome)

In short, I give this movie a B+ and recommend seeing it when it opens on April 15. It will make an excellent tax day treat.


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