Pushing Daisies, Chuck And Terriers Might Be The Next TV-To-Movie Kickstarters. Maybe

We may find out pretty soon which cult TV shows are the cultiest, with a real big throw-down in the crowd funding moshpit.

Veronica Mars creator and Kickstarter-master Rob Thomas has told Hit Fix that he was having his brain picked by another TV creator, pretty much right off the bat.

I did get an email from Bryan Fuller earlier today saying, ‘Hey, can you jump on the phone with me at some point? I know you’re busy, but I would love to talk to you about how this thing works.’ And I know it was specifically for Pushing Daisies.

And now The Hollywood Reporter have spoken directly to Fuller, who admits:

 I said to my agent immediately, “Can we do this with Pushing Daisies or Wonderfalls?” and he said, ‘Pushing Daisies is going to take a lot more than $2 million to make into a movie…”

You can make a $2 million or $4 million Veronica Mars movie. For something like Pushing Daisies, which is more elaborate visually and also would require extensive prosthetics and those sorts of complicating production elements, it’s a little more daunting.

Not that he’s saying he won’t be pursuing the idea.

If I weren’t in Toronto finishing up on Hannibal, I’d be knocking on doors at Warner Brothers, asking, ‘Is this a viable plan for Pushing Daisies?’ ”

Fuller went on to put a $10 million price tag on a Pushing Daisies movie. I fear that would consign a Kickstarter attempt to failure, at least if the entire budget would be dependant on pledges. I’m pretty sure the fan base for Daisies, as much as I’m personally fond of it, is much smaller than the one for Veronica Mars and I don’t think even this record-breaker of a scheme is going to get near $10

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