Publick goes Public about Venture Brothers Season 4.2

So it seems one of Fan Rants favorites has woken up from his long winter nap (part grizzly or sloth, unknown). Jackson Publick, writer of Venture Brothers and other stuff, has finally updated his livejournal after about 4 months!

Here’s a run down on what he had to share:

  • Venture Brothers will return in August
  • Season finale¬†will be an hour long extravaganza in December
  • Toyline to be premiered at San Diego Comic Con (previously reported here)
  • Season 4 split into two DVD releases, but whole season on one Blu-Ray release
  • Publick¬†and Hammer to be at SDCC and Dragon*Con (YES!)

Here are some screen grabs…so pumped yet so pissed that I have to wait till August!!

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