Pierre Morel Talks Dune


The Sleeper Must Awaken

Pierre Morel was recently interviewed by MTV and a lot of folks (myself included) liked what he had to say. First off, it sounds like he holds my sentiments on the 1984 David Lynch movie:

“As a David Lynch movie, I loved it. As a ‘Dune’ fan, I was not such a big fan.”

Preach on, my brotha!! I really enjoyed the movie, but I was left with the thought “Rain? It doesn’t rain on Arrakis for another thousand years!!” And WTF was up with those “weirding module” things? As a standalone movie I loved it. As a movie based on a book, I think it strayed too much.

Morel goes on:

“I’ve been a fan of the book since I was a teenager. I read that when I was 15, maybe. I’ve been reading it over and over again – well, I’m 45 now, so for 30 years. The fun story, actually, is that there were six books in that first series that Frank Herbert wrote. Every time I was going to buy a new one – because I couldn’t buy all six at one time – I was reading the previous ones so I would not forget anything. So, by the time I bought the sixth book I had already read the first one six times! So, I’m a hardcore fan.”

EXCELLENT!!! So we have a “hardcore fan” that doesn’t think the last theatrical release did the books justice.   He also knows that us hardcore fans will string him up if he fucks it up:

“it’s a challenge; there’s a lot of expectation, all the readers will be waiting for me with their shotguns. All the non-readers will also be waiting for us, because it’s such a complex, rich novel and you have to make it accessible to those who have not read the book. So, it’s a tough challenge but I’m very excited about that.”

I can say this: He’s sounds like EXACTLY like the guy I want directing this movie. He’s currently working on another movie (“From Paris With Love” due for a Feb. 5, 2010 release), but he hope that Dune is the next movie he does. I hope so too.

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