Peter Bagge’s ‘Apocalypse Nerd’ Coming to the BBC as ‘Fallout’

One of my favorite comic creators, Peter Bagge, is seeing another of his creations make it to the small screen an adaptation of his 2006 mini-series entitled Apocalypse Nerd. Last fall we heard that Fox had approached Bagge to develop one of his older properties, The Bradleys into a cartoon series. Not much else has been heard since, but I am still hoping it gets made.

As for Apocalypse Nerd, here is the wikipedia description:

It revolves around two men, Perry and Gordo, attempting to survive in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest after Seattle is destroyed in a North Korean nuclear attack. Perry is a somewhat introverted computer programmer whilst his longtime friend Gordo works in various “self-employed” fields and is also a drug dealer. The story is a masculine character study as the two evolve and adapt to the changes in the post-apocalyptic world. Gordo becomes more amoralistic while Perry learns survival skills. Both have unique personality traits which help them adapt.

The story is, as with most of Bagge’s books, a humorous introspection into the human psyche. And obviously someone paid attention across the pond as it seems the BBC will be making a 6 episode series entitled Fallout for it soon. Today a trailer was released and I am looking forward to the series being ported to BBC America so all my friends can enjoy his humor and story telling.

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