Neal Before VIGGO!

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that producer Christopher Nolan and director Zack Snyder are zeroing in on an intriguing actor to play the villain for Superman reboot: Viggo Mortensen.  Mortensen….is said to be at the top of the list to play General Zod, the evil and super-powered scientist first introduced not in the comic books but in 1980’s Superman II. Terrence Stamp originated the role.

Holy CRAP! Okay, this has gotten me  little more pumped for the next installment of the Superman saga. I am not to keen on the casting of Henry Cavill in the red/blue tights, but a good villain always makes up for things like this. And Viggo would definately be able to pull this off. Perhaps as well as Terrence Stamp did back in the day. Heres some Zod goodness for those nostolgic people out there!

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