NBC Passes on Tennant Pilot

And here I was hoping to see more David Tennant in the near future. Guess its back to watching my old Doctor Who episodes for now.

Entertainment Weekly reports that NBC is passing on the Tennant drama-pilot Rex is not your Lawyer. At least for now:

An NBC rep declined to comment, but a Peacock source insists Rex remains under consideration for fall. “The sets are on fold-and-hold,” maintains the insider. “They will still be available if the show is picked up for the fall.”

This show has been in development, though Tennant has only been on its list recently, for over 2 years. Not a LONG time in Hollywood, but it still falls into the realm of developement hell.

Perhaps we will get lucky and the pilot gets leaked by an NBC Dr.Who fan. Or maybe they will put it on as a made for TV movie. In any case, I look forward to more David Tennant in the future.

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