Nathan Fillion Joins the Cast of Super

James Gunn has announced an astounding cast for his new film Super on his website. Obviously Nathan Fillion is a fan favorite of ours, but lets run down the facts on the movie. From James Gunn:

“Once again, SUPER, the movie I’m now shooting, is the story of Frank, a disturbed dude who puts on a superhero costume and starts fighting crime as the Crimson Bolt with nothing more than a pipe wrench. Frank is played by Rainn Wilson.  Liv Tyler plays his drug addicted wife, Sarah, who leaves him for a charming drug dealer Jacques, played by Kevin Bacon.  Ellen Page plays Libby, a young sociopath who decides to become the Crimson Bolt’s sidekick. ”

Now we have Nathan Fillion playing a pop icon (more singing!!).

Michael Rooker playing Kevin Bacons bodyguard.

Linda Cardellini as a woman that falls for the Crimson Bolt (I fell for her as Velma in the Scooby Doo movies!).

And Gregg Henry, the cop after the Crimson Bolt!

Now if that doesn’t sound like an excellent cast, well I don’t know what does!

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