Mike Mignola @ C2E2

Awesome panel with Mike Mignola here at C2E2. Mike told us about an upcoming Hellboy comic centered on the American West and a 2 part Abe Sapian series based in Russia.

One of the questions brought forward was why he hasn’t done more with the Asian mythologies, of which he commented that it was very alien to him. In fact the recent comic with Hellboy in Japan made him realize he didn’t know how to draw a Japanese door! He feels that he needs to find the right artist for these stories. One of which he wants to base in China.

Some of the upcoming Hellboy stories will take place in that 50 year span where he roamed the world, before the prophecy came about on his destiny. This is excellent news as Hellboy comics have been absent from the book shelves over the last couple of years.

One thing he emphasized over and over is that he is doing his best to keep the Hellboy movie universe and comic universe very separate. He firmly believes that what Del Toro does with the films are very different than the comics. Obviously the Liz/Hellboy relationship are very different in the two, I hope he keeps to his guns on this.

Mike is expanding his art line on his website, www.mikemignola.com. He will be providing more limited edition prints and sounds like we have a lot to look forward too.

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