Metropolis the Complete Edition is coming

I can still remember the first time I saw¬†Fritz Lang’s iconic film Metropolis. It was a VHS version that was about 90 minutes long. This film, one of the first sci-fi films of all time, taught me to appreciate the story telling capability of the silent film. This week the New York Times released an excellent article on the film and its newly restored version.

Around 10 years ago a special restored version came out that brought the film up to 2 hours in length. But film archivists really wanted to find the original 2.5 hour version that Lang released in 1927. And in 2008 one was uncovered in Argentina.

So after over 80 years, “The Complete Metropolis” is being released in a limited theatrical run this fall. This will be followed shortly afterward with the DVD release.

It is fairly obvious as to what parts have been added since the missing 30 minutes are very grainy (even after thorough digital cleanup). But I am still very interested to see this restored masterpiece.

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