May the Force be with Ol’ Miss

Here’s an interesting story…to me at least.

It seems that the students at the University of Mississippi recently voted that they no longer wanted a mascot called Colonel Reb. Seems that it reflected a time period that is best left in the past. In fact, the mascot has not even shown up to any games in about 7 years.

So how do you go about choosing a new mascot? Well with the sports teams at MU called the Rebels, it didn’t take long for one college geek to come up with a great idea. Why not have the supreme commander of the rebel forces be your mascot? And thus a grassroots campaign was launched to bring Admiral Ackbar on as the schools mascot.

Check out and give them some support. It seems that the students may get to decide on the new mascot, I am sure to the ire of the alumnists, lets hope the Force is strong in this one!

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