Marvel Is Stripping DC Comics

Years ago, before there were such things as Comic Book stores, retailers of periodicals would get credit for unsold items by sending back the top portion of the cover. This is still done by some book retailers but it was never presented as an opportunity for comic book stores.

This week, Marvel announced in a press release that they will be having a special variant edition of Seige #3 with Deadpool on the cover. How do you get this ultra rare comic? The only way is to send in 50 strips (top portion of a comic book cover) to Marvel. Oh, and not just any 50 strips, but specific DC comics:

  • Adventure Comics #4
  • Booster Gold #26
  • Doom Patrol #4
  • Justice League Of America #39
  • Outsiders #24.
  • R.E.B.E.L.S #10

Wow…I don’t know if I should be shocked by this or not. It’s really not going to affect the small comic retailers as several of these sold out quickly and 50 comics is quite a few to trade in for a single variant covered comic. The large retailers, or those who REALLY goofed on their numbers, can benefit from the exclusive. But to me this really smacks at a war cry between the publishers.

Perhaps the gloves are coming off now that DC Entertainment is handling film/TV rights a little more aggressively. Perhaps Marvel is a little jealous at the great response the Blackest Night story arc had at DC comics. All I want to know is how DC will respond or retaliate.

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