Live Action ‘Akira’ Film on it’s way!

The good folk over at Warner Pictures are pretty pumped about a live action version of the classic anime film Akira. In fact, they have such confidence in it they are looking at it as a franchise.

The original animated version, which came out in the 80’s, is still considered to be (in my opinion also) a masterpiece in visual styling. But the story was only partially told in that film as the original manga (Japanese comics) ran the story through a much wider arch. Taking over as writer/adapter for the property is Albert Torres, and working with him is director Albert Hughes (“From Hell,” “The Book of Eli”).

The plan is to have the first film cover the first three manga volumes and a sequel cover the next three. Now these ‘volumes’ are just that, HUGE comics…think something akin to a small phone book. That’s how they roll in Japan, when it comes to comics they are quite serious.

I hope they pull this off well and don’t muck with the story too much. And lets also hope that Warner will actually hire┬áthe proper ethnic actors unlike what we have seen for The Last Airbender adaptation.

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