Jonah Hex Trailer Premiers…and I just Died a Little

Well I just watched the full trailer for the DC Comic adaptation of the Jonah Hex comic book. And all I gotta say is WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?!

Alright…stepping back a bit, I can fully remove myself from the fact that this movie is not going to be like the comic series. That isn’t a problem with me at all. The problem I have right now is that hollywood refuses to make a Comic Book movie without “Super-ing” it up.

In the comic, Jonah is essentially raised by the Apache but then branded by them in the end thus explaining his facial scars. Later in life as an ex-confederate soldier he became a bounty hunter with a strong code of ethics when it came to protecting the innocent.

But here we have the trailer showing they changed his entire origin just to satisfy a meager plot point. I can almost live with that…but then to give him super natural powers? And what the hell is up with twin gatling guns on a horse!? This is far more like that junkerĀ of a movie Wild Wild West that came out a few years ago than a solid Western story. And the sad thing is we have had some excellent Westerns come out over the last few years, making good box office returns also…so it’s not like they had to make these changes to bring in an audience.

Watch the trailer…make your own decision.

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