Is that the scent of….Pon Farr?!

One of my favorite things about Dragon*Con is their way of keeping the audience entertained between panels. See, each year they produce small skits off site and then regail us with them as videos. Last year they made one on a perfume called Pon Farr (watch via this link).

Well I guess someone at Genki Wear caught their video, cause they have made it as part of their new Star Trek scents line. Here are the features of Vulcan Pon Farr:

  • Drive him wild! Vulcan Pon Farr… perfume from the Star Trek universe. Because having is not always as pleasing as wanting!
    Straight from the planet Vulcan, this 50 ml container of Star Trek Pon Farr Perfume is all you need to drive your man (or men) wild.

    (Obviously the Vulcan women need it for those times between the 7 year itch)
  • Because having is not always as pleasing as wanting! Pon Farr Perfume for women is a refreshing fragrance that’s both invigorating and dramatic, with light, clean notes of citrus, blackcurrant, lotus blossom, and water lily. With base notes from sandalwood, peach, and mulberry, Pon Farr is perfect for those bright sunny days and warm summer nights spent together at the beach, around the fire, or simply watching your favorite affaire d’honneur. Sharp and aggressive, simple yet exotic, use it with care!
    (Nights spent on the beach? Vulcan is a desert planet!)
  • Pon Farr: In the Star Trek universe, Vulcan males and females go into heat every seven years, going into a blood fever, becoming violent, and finally dying if they don’t mate with someone with whom they’re empathically bonded.
    (Finally, the only statement based on Trek)

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