Green Lantern Movie News

There were a couple of good tidbits that came out this week on the upcoming Green Lantern film starring Ryan Reynolds.

First up from Variety, we find that Sony Imageworks will be handling the special effects for the film.

Overall vfx supervisors on the project are Karen Goulekas (“The Day After Tomorrow”) and Kent Houston (“The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”). Jim Berney (“I Am Legend”) will be vfx supervisor for Imageworks.

Now for the big news. Cosmic Book News has aquired some leaked concept art for the other Green Lanterns. For those not familiar with the mythology, the Green Lantern Corp is like an intergalactic police corp. Each guarding a sector of space. In the film, Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) will become the protector of Space Sector 2814 where Earth is located.

In the film, Hal must go under training by the Corps, probably by Kilowag as that is one of his main roles in the comics. Here are the images:

Guardians of Oa

Abin Sur & Tomar-Re


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