Grant Morrison Documentary @ C2E2 * Updated

Coming this October to DVD, Talking with Gods: the Grant Morrison Documentary. If you’re not familiar with Grant, he has written and reworked many of the classic DC heroes like Animal Man all the way to Superman. He set a new dark tone for Batman with Arkam Asylum and recently set the DC universe with the Final Crisis storyline.

Today we got a special presentation of this upcoming documentary. On hand were the producer, director and principal photographer.

The documentary will be sectioned into three parts, focusing on his early career in the 70s, his odd ball crazy psychedelic writing of the 90s and then his recent work with DC Comics.

They wanted to do this documentary to explain how his life and history are intertwined with his comic writing. And while he comes across as a chaos magician it is really just his special view on life that makes him so appealing.

We were treated with several clips and it was like a lite appetizer before an awesome meal. Just tempting you for the later feast to come. It features extensive interviews with many top comic book creators that have worked with Grant over the years. And of course, plenty of interviews with the subject himself.

One of the surprises for the film makers was that Grant works non-stop. He has a great work ethic and is down to earth about his creations. Very committed to his work with a great aura about him.

Grant seemed bemused that someone would want to do a documentary about him. But he agreed, for one reason to put the facts right about his life. Many rumors are out there about extensive drug use, of which are put to rest.

Really looking forward to learning more about this iconic writer, October can’t get here soon enough! Oh, and for next year they have a new documentary that they just started working on: Warren Ellis – Captured Ghosts!

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