Got Money? Star Wars X-Wing Coffee Table



Star Wars Fanatic? Need to spruce up your Fandom room? Have a spare $5,500 laying around?

This is a hand carved piece of wood that has the sculpture half below the glass table and half above. Since this is a one of a kind pieces of art I doubt it will last long. Grab it now!

One thought on “Got Money? Star Wars X-Wing Coffee Table

  1. Amy Bailey
    June 4, 2013 at 3:46 PM

    I wish there was one that used the expanded wings as support brackets – though I guess the length of the nose would cause imbalance somehow then – or it would stick out from one side of the table and would trip up unwary visitors.

    You could have an X-wing and and a TIE fighter facing each other! THAT would be awesome!

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