Got Money? Star Trek Communicator Badge

Star Trek TNG Communicator Badge

Star Trek TNG Communicator Badge

Join the elite ranks of the Enterprise crew once you put on the Star Trek communicator badge. This screen accurate badge was modeled from one of the original badges from the series and adheres to clothing using a powerful magnet that won’t ruin your prized uniform.

Be on Picard’s team

This one time, we had a dream that ThinkGeek HQ was aboard the Enterprise. Naturally, we were migrating to a more hospitable planet since we’d perfected the art of beaming your loot directly to your home or office. Picard welcomed us aboard and gave us all uniforms and badges since he was a huge ThinkGeek fan, too. And of course, we had our badges confiscated within hours because we were abusing the privilege. Oops.

If you’re on Team Picard, you’ll want an officially licensed communicator badge to wear with your uniform. This badge was crafted from one of the only remaining sets of original molds from the TV series, so the size and shape are exactly the same. Using an actual screen-used badge, the colors were matched exactly in gold and silver-finished metal. Best of all, the magnetic clasp holds firm to your uniform without damaging the fabric.

Product Specifications

  • Shiny, screen-accurate metal badge from ST: TNG
  • Crafted using one of the original molds from the TV show
  • The exact size and shape of the badges worn by Picard & his crew
  • Rendered in gold and silver-finished metal (instead of the painted resin the original props were made from)
  • Attaches via strong, short-field magnets in the badge and backplate
  • Materials: Zinc alloy
  • Dimensions: Approximately 4cm x 5.5cm

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