Got Money? Doctor Who TARDIS Fridge Skin

Police Box Fridge Kit (custom sized) $185

The Doctor Who TARDIS fridge skin is ideal for bringing a touch of your favorite TV series into your kitchen. This unique skin masks your plain old fridge and transforms it into a quaint and brightly colored police box reminiscent of the iconic time machine spacecraft.

The skin integrates best with a French Door refrigerator, because of the way the fridge doors better match a Police Box. Single and two door over/under fridges also look cool; they just don’t open in the manner of a Police Box.

There is the option of including a stiffened “little phone door” that can be adjusted to make it fit over the top of your ice maker, so the little door swings open to access the ice maker, but then closes the rest of the time. You can also choose to have the Telephone Door say: “ICE & ASSISTANCE” as a no cost option if you like.

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