Frank Frazetta ~ The Passing of a Legend 1928-2010

Today we say goodbye to a true visionary and painting legend, Frank Frazetta. He passed early this Monday morning the 10th of May, 2010 from a stroke, he was 82 years old.

Frazetta is world known for his fantasy painting, most recognizable for Conan the Barbarian book covers and heavy metal albums of the 1970’s and 80’s. His cult following is legion and was the inspiration for many of today’s top artists.

Over the last year, Frank had seen more than his fair share of family troubles as there was in fighting amongst his children about their inheritance. It went so far as seeing his son Frank Jr being arrested for attempted theft of paintings from the Frazetta Museum.

Luckily, just last month, the three siblings were able to meet with a mediator and come to an agreement as to how his paintings would be handled after his death. Little did anyone know that this was done just in time.

Over the years my appreciation grew for his the imagination and talent he put into his paintings. Back in 2007 I ventured up to Pennsylvania to visit the Frazetta Museum and have to say seeing the paintings in person was more awe inspiring than the versions used for paperbacks and posters over the years. Frank was not there that day but I did get to meet his wife and she was a very dear and gracious woman, she passed less than a year ago. The art community and all his fans will truly mourn his passing.

Be sure to check out his unofficial gallery to look at his great work. And his official museum site.

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