Fox announces midseason schedule. Fringe returns April 1st?

fox-logoI hope with this news its not some elaborate April fools joke on the Fringe fans, but you can never be sure with Fox.

Here is the info that Fox sent out on the plans for its midseason. Premier date, timeslot, regular airing time:

24: Jan 17 & 18th, 8pm – Two night four hour event – Sundays 9pm EST
American Idol: Jan 12 & 13th, 8pm – Two night event – Tuesdays 8pm EST
Fringe: April 1st, TBD – Thursdays TBD
Glee: April 13th, TBD – Tuesdays TBD
Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares: Jan 29th, TBD – Fridays TBD
Human Target: (NEW!) Jan 17th, TBD – Wednesdays TBD
Our Little Genius: (NEW!) Jan 13th, TBD – Sundays TBD
Past Life: (NEW!) Feb 11th, TBD – Thursdays TBD
Sons of Tuscon: (NEW!) March 14th, 8:30pm – Sundays 8:30pm

Also of note is the fact that ‘Lie to Me’ has had nine more episodes ordered to round out the season. No date or time yet on those.

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