Flash Gordon Movie in the works

No, not something based on that terrible SyFy series from a couple years back, or the 1980s movie, or anything else for that matter.  According to an interview that director Breck Eisner (from the upcoming “The Crazies” movie) gave SciFiWire, “It’s a movie that is in no way a remake or a re-imagining or a reboot of the ’80s version or the serial version, No Queen [music]. It is not camp in any way.”

So then just what the f*ck is it going to be??  If it’s not going to be a “remake… re-imaging… reboot”, then what?  Eisner continues, “We’re going back to the original Alex Raymond [comic strip] scripts and imagining if he were living today, what would those strips be like?”.  So it’s a re-makeimagingboot.  For those of you who are wondering just who the hell Alex Raymond is (like I was), he’s the guy who did the original comic strip in the “funny papers” back in 1934.  According to Wikipedia, “Debuting on January 7, 1934, Raymond’s first Flash strip introduced the “world-famous polo player”, improbably roped into a space adventure alongside love-interest Dale Arden and scientist Dr. Hans Zarkov. Transported by rocket to the planet Mongo, “which was about to collide with Earth”, the trio “immediately became embroiled in the affairs of Mongo’s inhabitants — particularly those of its insidious warlord, Ming the Merciless,who would become Flash Gordon’s arch-nemesis throughout the franchise’s many incarnations”.  So basically it’s Flash Gordan.  Again.  Hopefully it won’t look like sh*t this time. 

Speaking of it not looking like sh*t (or maybe more accurately, it looking exactly like a stinky turd of poo), Eisner continues, “It will definitely be in 3-D, unless they come out with 4-D before then”.  He’s rumored to be looking into a new German binaural 3-D sound process that supposedly pushes 3-D to a whole new level.

Will this new flash be any good?  I hope so.  I really loved the old Flash Gordon movie from when I was a kid.  The most recent SyFy incarnation started out well enough, but it stunk like hooker taint by the end of the first season.  I’m a big fan of the concept, it’s the execution that worries me the most.  We’ll see as production gets started, if it ever does.

quotes via SciFiWire

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