Film Review: Season of the Witch

Season of the Witch (2010 film)

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Tonight I was lucky [sarcasm] enough to catch a premier opening of the new Nicolas Cage film Season of the Witch.

I had caught a trailer for this period [monthly] piece a few months ago and thought to myself…wow, its a SYFY original! But boy was I wrong…this is much better than the drek that Siffy puts out on Saturday nights. Okay, maybe not much better, but at least the actors don’t look flat against a green screen all of the time.

The film [term used loosly] follows the explotes of two Crusaders returning from the holy lands only to find a plague has spread throughout their home country. And since nothing happens without the grace of God or against the lord, it has to be caused by a Witch.

Our heroes are coerced into transporting the Witch to a far away Monestary where she can be tried and a special ceremony performed to rid the land of this plague. Over the next hour we live their journey, learning more about each of the travelers and the Witch until the finalle at the Monestary.

Pro’s: Ron Perlman, Robert Sheehan (from BBC’s hit show Misfits), scenery shot in Hungary, Zombie Monks!

Con’s: Poor storytelling, predictability, dialog that makes you wince when you hear it.

Fantiac Rating: 1 1/2 Beers out of 5

On a related note, today Romania recognized that witchcraft as a profession, a taxable one. Obviously this isn’t going over well with the Witches. Its good to not be a bureaucrat in Romania right now that is for sure.

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