Fight Club Blu-Ray Fucks With Your Head

hug it out

hug it out

I won’t tell you about the latest Project Mayhem initiative… You’ll have to buy the 10th anniversary Fight Club Blu-ray to find out.  That, or you could just google and probably have it ruined for you.  Just don’t be so quick to return your malfunctioning disc to the store…

Speaking of, can you believe it’s been 10 years??  Actually, it feels like it was longer than 10 years for me.  When I think of Fight Club I think of my years as a rambunctious teenager, fighting and fucking my way through life, not giving a damn what anyone else said.  I really connected with the movie in a “fuck yeah!” kind of way.  I read the book after I saw the movie, and felt even more connected to the story.  It’s still one of the books I go back and re-read every few years.

If you’re saying to yourself “Hey I’ve got loads of money and I’ve already bought the Watchmen Ultimate Cut and Star Trek, what should I buy next?”, my suggestion would be Fight Club 10th anniversary.

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