Farpoint News – Frewer Out, Witwer In

Well I am bummed. I thought I was going to finally meet Matt Frewer, who I have been a fan of ever since I saw him as Max Headroom. And recently I have enjoyed seeing him on the Syfy show, Eureka. But I guess I should be happy for Matt, because the reason he is not coming to Farpoint is due to new work. So maybe I will get to see him on the big screen again soon.

Farpoint is an excellent little convention in the Baltimore, MD area held in February each year. While not large with attendance, it is well-rounded with activities and great guests. And, as in the past, when a guest cancels they strive to get a replacement…which they did this year by getting Sam Witwer.

Sam Witwer is probably known for his recent work on the tv show Smallville as the villain Doomsday. But he was also on Battlestar Galactica as Crashdown and known for his voice acting work on the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed game as Starkiller.

Perhaps they can get Matt for 2011, in the mean time I look forward to meeting Sam at the show. Hope you all can make it!

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