Fan Rants Episode 9

This week there wasn’t much news in either movies or TV. Lucky for you we were still able to clap together a 48 minute episode for your enjoyment. We talk about Lost, Fringe, Past Life, SGU, Supernatural, Heroes… erm, and all that other crap.

sorry if you have a child named Price… I was drinking when I said that.

This week in music we heard the album Tsk! (pops) by The Gasoline Brothers. It’s a really good album! I suggest you check it out.

The final song we heard was called “io non sono riccardo” by the band Angelo elle. We only had time for the one track. I did listen to the whole album and it was pretty darn good too. The album is called “LATO A LATO L”

One thought on “Fan Rants Episode 9

  1. March 8, 2010 at 9:31 PM

    Love that you are a Stargate fanboy Kevin! You should have mentioned your YouTube video. Stargate needs more non-scary brown people but I still love it! 😉

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