Fan Rants Episode 7

It’s the “where the fuck have you been??” episode. We took a couple weeks to finally get around to it, but we have indeed recorded a new episode. This episode ran long because Johnny and I hadn’t talked and a while and we sort of went on a bit more than usual. It was all really funny stuff, so I figured what the fuck, just leave it all in there. Future episodes will not be as long. In this episode, Kevin get drunk and blames the rum shortage on a friend in Puerto Rico. We talk all your favorite TV and movies. We talk about the massive amount of upcoming anime cons. We talk about dong shaped pain devices.

We’re going to try and update this blog more than once a week, and we’re also going to try and keep the facebook and twitter active. Johnny will be updating all those things with links from this episode shortly.

I was chastised after last episode for playing Ukrainian death metal, so this week I give you Latin beats. The first album was “Naciendo Para El Mundo” (pops) by Jan y Su Son Latino.

The second album was Kalliopi (pops) by Kalliopi.

The Third partial album was ProyectoT (pops) by ProyectoT. We only heard the first 9 tracks from that one.

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