Fan Rants Episode 6

The much anticipated episode 6 has finally arrived! We’re a week behind and this is a clip show, but it’s still not to be missed! We have a long discussion about Stargate Universe. We discuss The Kung Fu Kid. Apparently Kevin has opinions about Eliza Dushku. He also talks to Johnny’s pussy. Also, YES I realize that I say “week of october 17th” at the beginning… what part of “We’re a week behind and this is a clip show” didn’t you get?

This weeks death metal-tastic music was all Ukrainian. The first album was by a Ukrainian band whose Cyrillic name might have goofed up our RSS feed, from the album Click here to see the album name (pops). I don’t read/speak/understand Russian/Ukrainian/Cyrillic, so you’re on your own there. The second album was by the far easier to read/pronounce Ukrainian band Ambivalence, from the album Pornomechanoid (pops). We didn’t get to play the whole album as we ran out of time.

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