Fan Rants Episode 28

Did we mention you can call us?  Area code (405)633-2687.  We talk about the A-Team movie and how bad it looks.  We also talk some about the movies we’re looking forward to that are coming out later this summer.  In the middle of that there is some beer love given to the state of Wisconsin.  We talk about MacGruber for the third week in a row.  MACGRUBER!!  We talk about how Michael Bay was told “erm, no” when he requested to blow things up on the National Mall.  There’s more movie news in there…  You’ll just have to listen.  We talk some about the new NBC show called ‘The Cape’ and about Vinnie Jones and his bruising ways.  We talk about Torchwood’s renewal.  There’s some other TV crap too.  Kevin talks about the 2 weeks worth of comics he read and we list off a bunch of Dragon*Con guests.

Music this week was from the artist Spintronic.  The first album was named Cauliflower’s Celebration.  The second album was named Cookie or Not Cookie.  I love this 8 bit crap…

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