Fan Rants Episode 25

Hello Loyal Listeners!  This week on the pod we talk about Johnny and his love of Thor’s IMAX sized Hammer.  Johnny got to see a sneak preview of the movie “Splice” and we talked about it.  It is spoiler free.  I did cut out a part that was very spoilery, but HILARIOUS.  I’ve got it tucked away for when the movie has been out for a few weeks.  Unfortunately it’s tucked right next to my dong, so it’ll be a little ripe whenever we do pull it out.  I have NO idea what I dropped at minute 22, but it was a funny little break from the normal, so I left it in.  We then talk some more about the upcoming Marvel movies, like Captain America.  Apparently, Red Skull drags teeth.  When we move on to TV talk, we talk about Human Target and Lie to Me being renewed, then Kevin Freaks out about V being renewed and Flash Forward being canceled.  We briefly talk about Smallville.  Theres some Comic book talk too.

This weeks music was from Kaemmerer from the album Sir Agent Chill.

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