Fan Rants Episode 22

This week we get back in the swing of things with rum and beer.  Not mixed together.  Let me say that WE KNOW (now) that we were totally wrong about Fringe.  I didn’t edit it out because I thought it was funny.  There’s movie talk, TV talk, we make fun of Thor, the French, the Germans, ourselves, religious fanatics, Harrison Ford, aliens, among many other things.  Some how we managed to talk about the upcoming Cowboys and Aliens movie for like 10 minutes.

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Music this week was generously provided by Kirby Krackle.  We met them at C2E2 and they were super cool and nice.  They sing nerd rock about video games and comic books.  they’ve got two albums out, E for Everyone and Kirby Krackle, both available on iTunes.  Check them out!

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