Fan Rants Episode 21 – The C2E2 wrap up episode

This week Johnny and I went to C2E2, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo.  I’m severely disappointed because we weren’t able to drink as much as we wanted.  This is because we were working.  I know, you’re thinking “when has drinking at work ever been a problem?”  Well, hindsight is 20/40, especially when you’ve been drinking in the morning.  We really had a great time at the convention and were sad to leave.

We spent 4 lovely days in Chicago, taking in the sights and reporting our findings on the website.  I do hope you’re reading the website… You can follow the podcast at @fantsinpants where there are links given out to new articles as they’re posted along with my comments and banter and digital belches, OR if for some unknown reason you don’t like to hear me rant at celebrities and talk about the book I’m reading on the crapper, you can follow @fanrants and just get link updates.  Either way, follow one of them… It really is the best way to see what we’re doing AND get in touch with us.

Johnny and I picked up some pretty awesome swag at the convention, and we plan on giving most of it away!  You will either need to check back here, or follow one (or both) of the above twitter accounts for details.

Music this week was very graciously provided by the band The Browncoats.  We met them at C2E2 and they agreed to let us use their latest CD, Space Age Loser, as the backing music this week.  They were SUPER nice guys and thier version of The Hero of Canton is great! The whole CD is great!  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE support them!! You can hear them at The Browncoats Webpage.  Please go buy their stuff.

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