Fan Rants Episode 15 (thanks Dom!)

Fan Rants!

Fan Rants!

I hope you don’t mind me calling you Dom…

Fan Rants episode 15 just exploded out of my pants and all over… Wait, let me start that over.

Fan Rants episode 15 just made a mess all over… hmm, maybe one more try…

Please offer us is the latest modern day television and movies, as well as comic books and the news conference included several humorous insights enjoy.

Crap, it looks like Google’s nerd to english translator is down again.  Either way, enjoy this weeks episode.  It was a lot of fun for us to record and we hope that translates to it being a lot of fun to listen to.

You may be saying to yourself “why does he keep calling me ‘Dom’?  I’m not calling you Dom… I’m calling Dom Dom.  Not you.  Got it?  Now you might be saying “fine, asshole… Who is Dom?”  Dominick is the first person to donate to the Fan Rants cause!  We’ll always remember our first and don’t worry, the blood is normal.


I went with German electronic industrial this week because I used to have a friend named Dominick who really liked the stuff.  I don’t think it’s the same Dominick, but what the hell.

All the music was by ghostfog.  The first 7 tracks were from the album ghostfest and the rest of the music was from the album ghosts from the past – review 07/08

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